El General

Film Information:


The General




Almada Natalia


Color + B&W




83 min


  • GUIÓN: Natalia Almada
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Chuy Chavez
  • MONTAJE: Natalia Almada
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Natalia Almada, Daniela Alatorre


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Director Natalia Almada is the great-granddaughter of the general from the title: none other than Plutarco Elías Calles, Mexico’s president between 1924 and 1928. But also a key figure in the Mexican Revolution, as well as the founder of the Partido Nacional Revolucionario (the seed of the PRI) and the country’s stronger political leader until 1936. In telling the story of his great-grandfather, one of the main characters in the Mexican 20th century and a very controversial and conflictive character, Almada (Al otro lado) shows her skills as a documentary filmmaker as well as her film education and narrative self-assurance; and that’s why she’s able to get close and distance her self from such an ancestor, going from the country’s history to her family history, creating an interest even for those who know nothing about the history of the Mexican United States. The General proves again that usually the most incredible stories about Latin American politics are not big exaggeration but mere descriptions.

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