La cinta blanca

Film Information:


The White Ribbon




Michael Haneke




35 mm


144 min


  • Christian Friedel
  • Leonie Benesch
  • Ursina Lardi


  • DIRECCIÓN: Michael Haneke
  • GUIÓN: Michael Haneke
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Christian Berger
  • MONTAJE: Monika Willi
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Stefan Arndt,
  • Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz, Margaret Ménégoz, Andrea Occhipinti


  • Zeta Films
  • Carlos Zumbo
  • Callao 468 - 2º piso, Of. 4
  • C1022AAR Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • T +54 11 4371 4801
  • F +54 11 4371 4801
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The best film by one of the finest filmmakers from the Old Continent is also the culmination of his great cinematographic project: a meditation on the origin and nature of violence, which appears here through the exhausting hierarchy and the both emotional and physical repression that take place in a rural German town just before World War I. It’s a sudden series of bizarre deaths, mutilations, abuses, fires, suicides, and attempted infanticide that work as pieces of a moral and epistemological puzzle. Haneke is not interested in who committed those crimes. He never identifies the guilty one because, as he suggests, we’re all guilty. Cultural violence requires a collective culpability. Absolutism leads to terrorism. A perverted community generates even more perverted children, and that’s why the physically and psychologically punished kids of this damned village grow up to become Hitler’s servants. And, by showing us the seed of evil, Haneke confirms himself as one of the few directors who makes films –great films– that mean something; someone who should have his name put in on the list of great masters of European cinema –next to Dreyer, Bergman, Tarkovski, and Bresson– and who has been a subject of debate for many years. Not any more.


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