The Oath

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The Oath




Laura Poitras






97 min


  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Kirsten Johnson, Laura Poitras
  • MONTAJE: Jonathan Oppenheim
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Laura Poitras


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“You have to understand people in order to recruit them”, says Abu Jandal, former bodyguard of Osama bin Laden, to a group of Yemeni teenagers who he meets with regularly to talk about his jihadist past. Abu Jandal broke the oath he had sworn as a member of Al-Qaeda and renounced his unconditional obedience to its leadership. The film creates a portrait of this man and the dramatic, incredible path he has taken on his way to becoming one of the Arab world’s most influential critics of the Islamic terror network. At the same time, the story of Salim Hamdam also unfolds, Bin Laden’s former driver who was imprisoned at Guantánamo for several years. After his release, Hamdam refused to make any sort of statement to the media. Laura Poitras doesn’t just provide a spectacular view of the innerworkings of Al-Qaeda, she herself also delivers a strong political statement. Her images and talent for exact observation make the case for an understanding of people that seems to have been lost in the war against terror. It becomes clear when watching The Oath that this war can only ever be won with such an understanding.

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