A mulher de todos

Film Information:


The Woman of Everyone




Rogério Sganzerla




35 mm


93 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Helena Ignez,
  • Jô Soares, Stênio Garcia,
  • Paulo Villaça, Antonio Pitanga


  • GUIÓN: Rogério Sganzerla
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Peter Overbeck, Osvaldo Cruz Kemeny
  • MONTAJE: Rogério Sganzerla, Franklin Pereira
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Rogério Sganzerla


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  • 01303-010 Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Sganzerla’s second feature is to popular cinema what The Red Light Bandit is to art-house repertoire. Swedish soft-porn meets low class comedy in this exploit tale of women’s sexual liberation. The Woman of Everyone has all the ingredients of bad exploitation movies being made for purely commercial reasons, but Sganzerla subverts them all very ingeniously by making the snake eat its own tail: the woman of everyone is also the woman of no-one, and her freedom actually kind of terrorizes the macho audience the films is supposedly for. Angela “Flesh & Bone” is the archetypal lovely demon that will turn the world upside down deliberately for no better reason –maybe for a little fun, perhaps. A big hit in the box office but disregarded almost unanimously by all the major critics at the time of its first release, The Woman of Everyone appears today as one of the most daring films in Brazilian cinema, and one of Sganzerla’s best works.

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