O signo do caos

Film Information:


The Sign of Chaos




Rogério Sganzerla


Color + B&W


35 mm


80 min


  • Otávio Terceiro, Sálvio do Prado, Camila Pitanga, Giovanna Gold, Eduardo Cabus


  • GUIÓN: Rogério Sganzerla
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Marcos Bonisson, Nélio Ferreira
  • MONTAJE: Rogério Sganzerla, Silvio Renoldi
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Rogério Sganzerla


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O signo do caos composes, along with Tudo é Brasil, a strange diptych of devotion and repulsion towards the country. While the first was a chant of assimilation and enchantment taken from the point of view of a foreigner who made films, the second is a melancholic, rabid, and disenchanted cry of venomous disgust, a testament –in first person, you could say– of the stagnation of the Brazilian cultural mechanism and all those involved in it. The fury of the eye of the hurricane: everything is thrown with centripetal force into a meaningless black hole. Both the systematic rigidity of Beckett’s “comedy,” wherein the story eats its own tail and slowly becomes a cacophony and redundancy, as well as Pirandellian feeling of the characters’ lack direction. A possible subtitle for O signo do caos: “X characters in search of a fiction, or strayed from it, since we’ve already been deprived of it.”

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