El olvido

Film Information:






Heddy Honigmann


Color + B&W




93 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Ciudadanos de Lima / Citizens of Lima


  • GUIÓN: Heddy Honigmann,
  • Judith Vreriks, Sonia Goldenberg
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Adri Schover
  • MONTAJE: Danniel Danniel,
  • Jessica de Koning
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Carmen Cobos


  • Cobos Films
  • Carmen Cobos
  • Nicolaas Witsenkade 18-D
  • 1017 ZS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • T +31 20 320 3368
  • E ccobos@cobosfilms.nl
  • info@cobosfilms.nl
  • W www.cobosfilms.nl
  • www.heddy-honigmann.nl


A small miracle of documentary filmmaking, Heddy Honigmann makes invisible people visible by asking them apparently simple things: “Talk to me about your family, your job, your memories, your dreams”. So, her latest work gives back a sense of beauty and individuality to those people living in a place like Peru, lashed by economic collapses, epidemic unemployment, coups, terrorism, and corrupt leaders. Witnesses like those vagabond children who pirouette in the middle of traffic or the waiter who makes the Pisco Sour while describing Peruvian history as a “poorly mixed cocktail”, they all offer glimpses of religious or philosophical wisdom, and most of all, a social and political critique that’s discreetly emotional and quietly angry. Because, despite the fact that decades of poverty and abandonment have resulted in a nation whose memory is in a suspended state –as demonstrated by that young shoeshine boy impassively confessing his total lack of hope, wishes, good or bad memories–, the bottom line is that for them to forget is just as impossible as it is comfortable for us to do so. That’s why this film is so important. Because it forces us to face these people and makes us listen, learn, cry, and laugh; and at the same time, it makes us understand that, in that process, the world –theirs and ours– expands a little bit.


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