Os famosos e os duendes da morte

Film Information:


The Famous and The Dead




Esmir Filho




35 mm


95 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Henrique Larré, Samuel Regginato, Tuane Eggers, Ismael Caneppele, Áurea Baptista


  • GUIÓN: Esmir Filho,
  • Ismael Caneppele
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Mauro Pinheiro Jr.
  • MONTAJE: Caroline Leone
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Sara Silveira,
  • Maria Ionescu


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Someone with a blog in which he calls himself “Mr. Tambourine Man” must be a Bob Dylan fan. And the teenage protagonist of The Famous and The Dead is one, to the point of planning an almost impossible escape trip from his rural suburb to the Brazilian city where Dylan is about to play. But, as most of what happens around this character, the trip is a mental plot, a dream, something virtual that saves him from the loneliness of his bedroom, and which seems a lot like that “I’m Not There” from the film by Todd Haynes (who also orbits the Dylan universe). Esmir Filho’s first film sets vanishing lines that cross topics of today’s teen culture (rock, drugs, cyberculture) yet projected to a level of oneiric estrangement where nostalgia, everyday life, desire, darkness, magic, death, and pop culture all vibrate in a labyrinthine way. In that expansive personal crossroad, the film appears as one of the most orphaned in today’s Brazilian cinema.

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