Putty Hill

Film Information:


Putty Hill




Matt Porterfield






89 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Sky Ferreira, Zoe Vance, James Siebor Jr., Dustin Ray, Cody Ray


  • GUIÓN: Matt Porterfield
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Jeremy Saulnier
  • MONTAJE: Marc Vives
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Jordan Mintzner, Steve Holmgren, Joyce Kim,
  • Eric Bannat


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  • Steve Holmgren
  • 322 Union Avenue
  • 11206 Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • T +1 917 406 4669
  • E steve.holmgren@gmail.com
  • W www.hamiltonfilmgroup.org
  • www.puttyhillmovie.com


A young man dies from a heroin overdose in Baltimore (the usual territory of John Waters’ films). His friends and family gather before the funeral. Time passes by amid memories, pains, varied hobbies, songs, fears, and tears. The social mourning, that process of spending time with other people who also knew the dead one, leads, on one side, to the healing of wounds through comfort; in the other, it also opens them even more through shared memories. The shocking emotional honesty of Mathew Poterfield’s film is based –in part– on a naturalist and open close up into the characters, which complements a use of documentary forms such as interviews. That honesty allows this paradoxical film to gain lots of strength from portraying a collective mourning’s exposed fragilities. Uruguayan writer Mario Levrero used to say that “there’s a reason someone invented” wakes and burials. He said it in his book La novela luminosa, a piece in which all light was flooded by an impregnable sadness. In Putty Hill, instead, sadness is flooded by the brightness of cinema, as you can see in the magnificent and moving scene of the funeral.

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