El Charles Bronson chileno (o idénticamente igual)

Film Information:


El Charles Bronson chileno (o idénticamente igual)




Carlos Flores del Pino






70 min


  • GUIÓN: Carlos Flores del Pino, Rodrigo Maturana
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Jaime Reyes, Leonardo Kocking
  • MONTAJE: Carlos Flores del Pino, Rodrigo Maturana
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Guillermo Cahn, Carlos Flores del Pino


  • Excéntrica
  • Carlos Flores del Pino
  • Simón González 8121, Casa 11
  • 7860473 La Reina, Santiago de Chile
  • T +56 2 273 8018
  • +56 9 9499 0923
  • E floresdelpino@hotmail.com


In the 1970’s, Charles Bronson was a world famous film star; so famous that there were films meant to exploit his star power: for example, in the poster of Breakout (Tom Gries, 1975), his name was the same size as –and almost part of– the film’s title. In those 1970’s (specifically in the summer of 1978), a Chilean TV show called Sábados Gigantes gave the first prize of its look-alike contest to a man who became known as “the Chilean Charles Bronson”. Things being so, as if Bronson was an untouchable archetype, and as if a country’s identity would depend on that resemblance, the Chilean Bronson and his manager appear positioned, or self-positioned, in a star-like place they assume with gallant extravagance. Meanwhile, many people on the streets comment on his resemblance, his importance, and his appeal. Carlos Flores’ documentary is one of those very sharp films with great observational skills, capable of reading a country’s aspirations and frustrations in the most unexpected interstices. El Charles Bronson chileno is a unique film, a documentary that is also a fierce sociological comedy, a reflection on a country, and definitely a film to be discovered.

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