Sinfín (La muerte no es ninguna solución)

Film Information:


Sinfín (La muerte no es ninguna solución)




Cristian Pauls




35 mm


85 min


  • Alberto Ure, Lorenzo Quinteros, Susana Tanco, Jorge Marrale, Mónica Galán
  • Contacto / Contact


  • GUIÓN: Cristian Pauls, Alan Pauls
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Hugo Colace
  • MONTAJE: Pablo Mari


  • Cristian Pauls
  • Virrey del Pino 3514 - 3º 6
  • C1426EHN Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • T +54 11 4553 1419
  • E


In order to shoot an adaptation of Julio Cortázar’s short story ‘Casa Tomada’ –‘House Taken Over’– a director locks his film crew –including the actors– in a big house, and submits them to a strict isolation regime as part of an unbreakable artistic pact. In the mid 1980s –a decade with a linear or null relationship with literature– Pauls’ film proposes an extreme cinematographic game with the original story, one that has no strings attached and no intention to respect the spirit of Cortázar’s story. And maybe, that’s the reason why it was so brutally attacked by the critics of its time. This strange local case of cinema within cinema (which makes this film extraordinary, and sets it away from the context of its time) is an open dialogue with modern films, including some explicit quotes of Jean-Luc Godard. This way, with its countercurrent cinephile spirit, but also with performances and atmospheres affected by a personal search, Sinfín confines itself to an intimate system that still ends up opening an abyss into the post-dictatorship cinema.

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