Visitors (Jeonju Digital Project 2009)

Film Information:


Visitors (Jeonju Digital Project 2009)




Hong Sang-sooNaomi KawaseLav Diaz






106 min


  • Jung Yu-mi, Moon Sung-keun, Kazuki Kitamura, Yuko Kakamura, Dante Perez, Kristine Kintana


  • GUIÓN: Hong Sang-soo,
  • Naomi Kawase, Lav Diaz
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Kim K., Y. Yamazaki, L. Diaz
  • MONTAJE: Hahm S., N. Kawase, L. Diaz
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Kim K., Y.Naito, K. Kintana


  • Jeonju International Film Festival
  • Ildong Bak
  • Line Producer
  • 4F, Korean Stationery Centre 186-33 Jangchung-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu
  • 100 855 Seoul, South Korea
  • T +82 2 2285 0562
  • F +82 2 2285 0560
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Following its European and African versions, the three digital short films produced each year by the Jeonju film festival in Korea are back in the hands of Asian filmmakers, like in 2006. For the festival’s tenth anniversary the open assignment was “visitors”. In Lost in the Mountains, the visitor is a young aspiring writer travelling to Jeonju to meet a friend. But that’s just Hong’s excuse to portray a double love (or hate) triangle within the vane literary world, in the form of a pop comedy as hilarious as caustic. In Koma, Kawase takes her main character from Japan to Korea, where she finds a family very much like her own (like Kawase’s that is, at least for what we’ve seen on her films) She also finds a folk story, some light coming from between the trees, and a final hug that can also be a giant, moving beginning. And last, in Butterflies Have No Memories, Diaz practices in black and white that Godard motto about a woman and a gun, and he does so with a city girl who goes back to her hometown, which is disappearing after the shutdown of a mine, and provokes the resentment –and a sinister plan– of her old friends.

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