You Wont Miss Me

Film Information:


You Wont Miss Me




Ry Russo-Young






81 min


  • Stella Schnabel, Simon O’Connor, Zachary Tucker, Borden Capelino, Carlen Altman


  • GUIÓN: Ry Russo-Young,
  • Stella Schnabel
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Kitao Sakurai,
  • Ku Ling Siegel
  • MONTAJE: Gil Kofman,
  • Ry Russo-Young
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Ry Russo-Young


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Sometimes one character is enough to sustain a film. That’s the case in You Wont Miss Me, a film from the constantly teeming mumblecore movement (those muttered films with confusing audio, directed by Andrew Bujalski or the Duplass brothers, among others) which transcends it thanks to the performance by actress Stella Schnabel in the main role. For these filmmakers, John Cassavetes has always been in the horizon, and here you can sense him being very near. The complicated Shelly Brown is a rowdy and unpleasant youngster, but transparent in her own way: one can read her insecurities as if following a porcupine’s movements. From the main character’s erratic moves, script writers Schnabel and Ry Russo-Young (who directed the film) create a powerful feminine perspective on post-adolescence. Shelly is not particularly attractive, nor brilliant, and her flops and clumsy moves are just like those of people who are strangers to independence and are not used to manage alone. Created out of improvisations, and shot in various low-fi formats (from Super 8 to different types of video), You Wont Miss Me is a fiction that –some paradox– enthralls you with its authenticity.

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