Morrer como um homem

Film Information:


To Die Like a Man




João Pedro Rodrigues




35 mm


134 min


  • Fernando Santos, Alexander David, Gonçalo Ferreira de Almeida, Chandra Malatitch, Jenni Larrue


  • GUIÓN: João Pedro Rodrigues,
  • Rui Cataläo
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Rui Poças
  • MONTAJE: Rui Mourão, João Pedro Rodrigues
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Maria João Sigalho


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  • Charlotte Renault
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  • 10997 Berlin, Germany
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Lisbon’s night scene as a tribute and a requiem through the story of Tonia, a transsexual who left her youth behind and wants to have a sex change operation. Love gives meaning to her life, but it also provokes pain; and that place between a passion for intense living and the constantly lurking pain of loneliness is the setting for this third film by João Pedro Rodrigues, following Phantom and Two Drifters. Fulfilling its ambition, the film manages to constantly surprise with a tone that’s both sad and joyful; and the apparently erratic feeling of its storytelling reveals an invisible thread that sews the events all the way to its devastating ending. Fernando Santos´ performance gives Tonia a level of density and humanity that cinema hadn´t dare to show in a long time. If the will to narrate great passions –and to build characters that are led by them– seemed lost by now, To Die Like a Man restores that dimension and condenses genres, demonstrating that they’re nothing but variations on the same subject. This melancholic film features an odd paradox: it has a strong belief in the future of cinema.

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