Te creís la más linda (pero erís la más puta)

Film Information:


You Think You’re the Prettiest, But You’re the Biggest Whore




Ché Sandoval






89 min


  • Martín Castillo, Francisco Braithwaite,
  • Camila Le Bert


  • GUIÓN: Ché Sandoval
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Felipe Bello
  • MONTAJE: Manuela Piña, Ché Sandoval


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  • 7860379 Santiago, Chile
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  • E chezsandoval@gmail.com
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  • www.tecreislamaslinda.cl


An inexperienced young man, not really attractive and with sexual problems, constantly strikes out with women. He gets dumped for one of his friends by his girlfriend, who even laughs at him. The young man is, in addition, insistent. He’s insistent when he talks; he’s insistent when he fails. He insists and gets dumped. He insists and gets beaten. He insists and comes out annoying, even petulant. Despite these typical characteristics of a rough (yet defiant) loser, the main character of Te creís la más linda is an attractive one, and one can even suspect he has many different layers. The very young director Sandoval sends him wandering around Santiago, thus turning his opera prima into one of those Latin American city movies that –just as it happened with 25 Watts in Uruguay or Pizza, Beer, and Cigarettes and Rapado in Argentina– can shed some light on an area that hasn’t been really explored before, and even produce descendants. Newcomer Martin Castillo delivers a breakthrough performance in the lead role, and helps the film seize the topic of the heartbroken man with a ferocious grace. Some key scenes at the beginning of the film (the car trip with his girlfriend, the situations and dialogues at the bar) set the necessary empathy in order to follow around this guy who piles up failure after failure, and they also demonstrate Sandoval’s good ear and timing for comedy.

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