Until the Next Resurrection

Film Information:


Until the Next Resurrection




Oleg Morozov






90 min


  • GUIÓN: Oleg Morozov, Oleg Dane
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Oleg Morozov, Larisa Bekh
  • MONTAJE: Oleg Morozov,
  • Larisa Bekh
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Alexander Slavin, Larisa Bekh


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  • 105187 Moscow, Russia
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Original TitlSledujushhee voskresenie

e: It would seem that certain works carry within themselves the seed of a strange destiny. This could well be the case of this film with its prophetic title. Shot in Russia, in Kaliningrad, the former German city then named Königsberg, emptied of its inhabitants after WWII and repopulated since by Russian migrants, the film follows, over a period of almost fifteen years, the track of certain characters whose fate, we are soon given to understand, is more or less sealed in advance. Moreover, a voice off tells us without mercy that they have passed away while we see them on the screen moving around and struggling to survive. Nothing must be omitted in this descent into hell and then it must be followed through for years on end, not forgetting that this descent implies that there will be bodies who have made the choice of giving themselves up entirely. The fact that Oleg Morozov, the film director who now and again appears on the screen, died some weeks after finishing the film, shows how his tribute to the future risen from the dead becomes his own testimony.


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