Don’t Let Me Drown

Film Information:


Don’t Let Me Drown




Cruz Angeles




35 mm


105 min


  • E. J. Bonilla
  • Gleendilys Inoa
  • Gina Torres
  • Ricardo Antonio Chavira
  • Damián Alcázar


  • GUIÓN: Maria Topete, Cruz Angeles
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Chad Davidson
  • MONTAJE: Andrew Hafitz
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Maria Topete,
  • Jay Van Hoy, Lars Knudsen,
  • James Lawler, Ben Howe


  • Rollin’ Deep Productions
  • Cruz Angeles
  • 1567 E 38th Street
  • 11234 New York, NY, USA
  • E
  • W


Love stories have been told so many times, that every attempt at doing so means a greater and greater challenge. Cruz Angeles’ first film succeeds thanks to its honesty and the economy of its resources. Lalo is a Mexican teenager, Stefanie is Dominican. They both live in Brooklyn, New York, right after the attack on the Twin Towers, where her sister died and his father now works in the clean up. The families oppose the young romance, while the two attempt to overcome the obstacles placed by others as well as their own personal difficulties to move the relationship forward. The filmmaker skillfully avoids the many traps that the story poses, and manages to depict a fine portrait of a young love, plenty of spontaneity and little great moments, within a world of marginality that’s filled with every kind of obstacles. It’s an intimate and optimist kind of independent cinema –sprinkled with some good songs– that rescues the different ways in which life can follow its course while it faces the greatest events in world history.

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