Constantin and Elena

Film Information:


Constantin and Elena




Andrei Dascalescu






102 min


  • GUIÓN: Andrei Dascalescu
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Andrei Dascalescu
  • MONTAJE: Andrei Dascalescu
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Andrei Dascalescu


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One could think that a year in the life of an eighty-year-old couple would not generate enough dynamism to freeze time and space. But Constantin and Elena can achieve this. Their everyday life, the tasks they carry out according to the time of the year, allow the camera to stay still and let time remain implicit. In a Rumanian village, they sing, recite poems from their youth, tell anecdotes and remember the origins of their great love while still flirting with each other. They know their youth is gone –and that as Elena’s poem ‘Life is beautiful’ says, there are times when ‘one ear seems deaf to what you’re saying,/ sometimes even both’ (…)– but being together is still their most precious treasure. They know that even if the world has changed radically, they must continue with their ‘thoughts, elderly and wise.’ Elena knits folders to be handed out on her funeral, so that people can remember her with something beautiful she made with her own hands. Constantin poors a glass of Pepsi, drinks it, shakes his arm and says ‘Oh my God! I will get so drunk with this!’. Their world doesn’t need of anything other than them, their grandchildren, their memories and, their own rituals.

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