The Girl

Film Information:


The Girl




Fredrik Edfeldt




35 mm


95 min


  • Blanca Engström,
  • Shanti Roney,
  • Annika Hallin,
  • Calle Lindqvist,
  • Tova Magnusson-Norling


  • GUIÓN: Karin Arrhenius
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Hoyte van Hoytema
  • MONTAJE: Bernhard Winkler, Therese Elfström, Malin Lindström
  • PRODUCCIÓN: David Olsson


  • Swedish Film Institute
  • Gunnar Almér
  • Associate Director - Int’l Dept.
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  • 102 52 Stockholm, Sweden
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Original title: Flickan

The year is 1981. A couple committed to humanitarian causes is about to go on a trip to African territory. They decide their daughter is too young to go with them. The nine year-old girl is left at the care of a relative, but will soon find herself alone in the house: at her age, this kind of freedom is like jumping from a cliff. Short of dialogues but with images that speak for themselves, the film benefits from the cinematography of Hoyte van Hoytema (known for his work on Let the Right One In) and an outstanding cast of children, starting from the young lead Blanca Engström. The film’s atmosphere goes from the familiar to the ominous as easily as a ball rolls through sloping ground. There’s something from British writer Ian McEwan’s early and darker short stories throbbing behind the innocent suburban landscape; an intangible menace that hovers over this skinny nameless girl in every shot’s clear but deceptive density.

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