At the End of the Daybreak

Film Information:


Sham moh




Ho Yuhang




35 mm


94 min


  • Chui Tien You,
  • Wai Ying-Hong
  • Ng Meng Hui


  • GUIÓN: Ho Yuhang
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Teoh Gay Hian
  • MONTAJE: Mindy Wong
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Lorna Tee


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  • Hong Kong, China
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One of the most interesting voices of New Malayan Cinema, Ho Yuhang (to whom Bafici devoted a focus in 2007) approaches film noir in his new film, based on a newspaper article about a crime. Of course, being the director of Rain Dogs, the result is a chasm away from common places, even when at a certain point of the plot a detective appears. The starting point is the unexpected and secret romance between a working class young man (Chui Tien-yau), and a minor born from a rich family. When the affaire is discovered, the girl’s parents pressure the boy’s alcoholic mother (Kara Hui, rightfully awarded for this role) in the search for a compensation. From that moment on, events rush ahead. As usual, Yuhang subverts the narration with resources meant to set a distance between the characters and the audience: texts, editing effects, and a violent interruption of the dramatic arch, all seem to avoid genre mechanisms, while at the same time stress the premonitory ambience of the film.

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