Le Temps des grâces

Film Information:


The Time of Graces




Dominique Marchais




35 mm


123 min


  • GUIÓN: Dominique Marchais, Stéphane Malandrin
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Sébastien Buchman, Olivier Jacquin, David Grinberg
  • MONTAJE: Jean-Christophe Hym, Olivier Garouste
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Thierry Lounas


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Can a documentary about farming in France say much about anything else other than, well… farming in France? Le Temps des grâces magnificently demonstrates that yes, it can. As French critic Serge Kaganski said: “Around that very specialized (and quite unglamorous) topic, Marchais brings out a lot of universal subjects: productivity, pollution, globalization, landscape transformation, the idea of progress, diet quality, existing inequities, industrial lobbying, used up resources, wastefulness, and the future.” Keeping just the right distance from other films that observed how the food we eat is produced (Mondovino, Food, Inc.) and also from Raymond Depardon’s farmer saga, Le Temps… doesn’t mourn a past that is lost. Instead, it tries to understand the unstable present and future by interviewing traditional and industrial farmers; scientists and environmentalists; writers and plain “country lovers”. Together with some powerful images –as the ones showing endless electric towers running through wide plains– their words (even when they’re just talking about French agriculture) reveal the paradoxes and aberrations of today’s world.

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