07 mie 2010

Festival’s opening screening

Función de apertura

The exact beginning of this 12th edition of BAFICI took place this past Wednesday night at the 25 de Mayo cinema and theater while the first enigmatic images of the film “Kidnapping and death” by Rafael Fillipelli were screened. But actually, minutes before the film began, the phrase “Long life to BAFICI” pronounced with enthusiasm and satisfaction by BAFICI´s artistic director, Sergio Wolf, was the signal for the beginning of the great independent film festival that Buenos Aires offers to world every year since 1999.

The initial words of a small and casual opening ceremony, after 8.30PM, were pronounced by the minister of culture Hernan Lombardi: “I can´t imagine Buenos Aires at this time of the year without BAFICI”, he started. Later on, he highlighted the great work of the Festival´s organization team, the geographic expansion of the 2010 programming and came back to his initial idea saying: “fall in Buenos Aires would be inconceivable without BAFICI”, turned from his point of view in “a nice routine for porteños this time of the year”. He was followed by the speech of Sergio Wolf and the presentation of the maker and protagonists of “Kidnapping and death”, all of them warmly applauded by an attentive audience.