09 vie 2010

This Saturday, special screening of “Outdoors cinema”

Este sábado, función especial de “Cine al aire libre”

This Saturday at 9PM in Carlos Gardel St. (between Anchorena and Jean Jaures), the movie “The circle" by the Iranian director Jafar Panahi will be screened with free entry. This special screening of "Outdoors cinema" is in solidarity with the unfair situation that this remarkable filmmaker is going through. The movie won a Golden Lion at the Venice Festival in 2000 (photo).

After his demonstrations of support for the so-called "green revolution" which claims freedom and respect for individual rights in his country, last March 2nd Panahi was arrested. The police registered the entire house, where he was with his wife, his daughter and 15 guests at the moment that the arrest took place. Since then, he puts up with harsh prison conditions.