10 sab 2010

Coproduction meetings

 Encuentros de coproducción

This Saturday, in the context of Buenos Aires Lab (BAL), the coproduction meetings between the representatives of the Latin American projects and the potential co producers from the rest of the world will take place. The 17 selected projects participating are: Algo de anarquía (Argentina), Algunos momentos en la vida de Iván (Argentina), Bellas de noche (Mexico), Calle Miseria (Argentina - Bolivia), Corta (Colombia - Argentina), Edén (Brazil), El peletero (Argentina), Entre líneas (Argentina), La mujer de barro (Chile), La Playa (Colombia), La última tierra (Paraguay), Los días (Argentina), NN (Peru), Qatú (Argentina), Solo (Uruguay), Valeu Boi! (Brazil) and Villegas (Argentina).

BAL is a group of activities whose candidates are the filmmakers and producers of the region. These activities are oriented to the encounter of these candidates with professionals and the search for funds. The activities include the participation of professionals form the international industry (producers, international salesman, distributors, television networks and funds) interested in Latin American cinematography and are centered in the exchange between both worlds.