12 lun 2010

A must see dialogue with Marie Losier

Diálogo imperdible con Marie Losier

This Monday at 7PM at the BAFICI Space, the artistic director of the Festival, Sergio Wolf, will have a dialogue with the French filmmaker Marie Losier, New Yorker for adoption and protagonist with her particular shorts of a space within the section "Retro and Focus" of BAFICI 2010. Marie was born in France in 1972 and has her operations center in NYC, where she films, is curator and displays her films in museums, galleries and festivals such as the George Pompidou Center of Paris, the Berlin Film Festival and the Lincoln Center in New York.

It will be an excellent opportunity to hear and/or discover a talented filmmaker and her work, composed by a significant amount of films about cult characters in the front line musical scene of the First World. This Wednesday 14/04 at 7PM and 8.45PM at Malba Cinema it will be time to see her work: "A Musical Ballad of Outtakes: a work in progress, "Bot Air", "Eat My Makeup!", "Papal Broken-Dance" and "Snow Beard" first; and then "The Touch Retouched", "Electrocution Your Stars", "Flying Saucey!", "The Ontological Cowboy" and "Tony Conrad: DreaMinimalist".