14 mie 2010

Ariel Minimal puts music to leisure

Ariel Minimal le pone música al ocio

The Argentine musician Ariel Minimal, former constituent of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and leader of Pez, one of the local cult rock bands, will be the protagonist of tonight’s “Little night music”, the series of concerts that BAFICI offers at the end of each cinema day. Minimal’s connection with film takes on an added weight since the premiere of “Ocio” in the Festival. This movie by Juan Villegas and Alejandro Lingenti is in competition in the Argentine Official Selection and Minimal participates in it with the sound of his guitar for the movie’s incidental music.

Since his participation in Martes Menta at the beginning of the 90’s, a relevant part of what was called the “sonic” movement; Minimal earned his place in the effervescent Buenos Aires rock scene. From the basements he frequented with the first formation of Pez, he went to international tours and big stages in America as the lead guitar of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs during the end of the 90’s. When the band broke up in 2003, he went back to the comfort of the under and recorded albums with his band among other projects (the acoustic record “Flopa-Manza-Minimal”, the most praised by the critics). And here he is, always active. Someone worth listening to.