15 jue 2010

Master Zappa

Todo Zappa

This Thursday at 5.15PM at Malba Cine (inside the Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art) the documentary “Frank Zappa: A Pioneer of the Future of Music - Parts 1 & 2” by Frank Scheffer will be screened for the second to last time. Tickets are still available for sale at the museum. This is very important data since next Saturday´s screening at 10.45PM (last screening) at Arteplex Caballito is already sold out.

Zappa’s immense figure as virtuous, funny and a genius of his instrument, the guitar, and of musical composition (jazz, rock, satire, classic music, he could do anything) has in this documentary a full retrospective through the look of his deepest visual chronicler. Frank Scheffer (Holland, 1956) is internationally known as a master of image and sound, recognized for his works on Francis Coppola, the Dalai Lama and his cooperation with John Cage and Brian Eno, among others.