18 dom 2010

Last Festival day, free movies to celebrate

Ultimo día del Festival, cine gratuito para celebrar

This Sunday, in which the 12th edition of BAFICI concludes, the series of outdoors free movies offer an attractive programming for every age and taste. “Outdoors Little Bafici” presents at 7.30PM at San Matrín de Tours Square (Schiaffino y Posadas) the movies created during the workshop “Animationbox” (in which children participated in the projection and concretion of ideas) and a selection of imaginative cartoons from the British AKA studio. At Carlos Gardel St., programming starts at 3PM with another selection of shorts by young Argentine filmmakers, followed at 5PM by “Velódromo” by the Chilean writer-filmmaker Alberto Fuguet, and finishing at 7PM with the documentary about the life and work of Miguel Abuelo “Buen día día” by Sergio Costantino and Eduardo Pinto.