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Here’s an idea: let festivals not just program films but also contribute to the making of those they would like to screen. Within our means in the Navarra International Documentary Film Festival’s Punto de Vista, we launched a production project in 2010 within the section Heterodocsias, which focuses on unknown Spanish cinema. With the name Proyecto X Films, Punto de Vista offers three young auteurs the chance to pitch a project to an expert committee that will select one of the three to be produced by the festival. Notes on Ephemeral, by Leon-born director Chus Domínguez is the first one that resulted from the project. He’s joined by two other short films the festival also produced in 2010 and were directed by Jem Cohen while he stayed in Pamplona, walking through the city and having conspiratorial conversations with Luce Vigo, the daughter of Jean Vigo and godmother of the festival since its first edition.


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