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Film info: Radiant City

Film Information

Original Title Radiant City
English Title Radiant City
Directors Gary Burns
Jim Brown
Year 2006
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 85 min
  • Daniel Jeffery, Bob Legare, Jane MacFarlane, Ashleigh Fidyk, Curt McKinstry.
  • Guión: Gary Burns, Jim Brown
  • Fotografía: Patrick McLaughlin
  • Montaje: Jonathan Baltrusaitis
  • Producción: Shirley Vercruysse, Bonnie Thompson, George Baptist


The urbanizations, the suburbs, the new conglomerates of streets and houses: the habitational alternative for families that don’t have access to the urban property they’d like, or that simply don’t want to live in the city, but neither in the country. These sets of constructions with no identity or history can be found in many countries, mainly around big US or Canadian cities. And on rush hour, the amount of cars that flow through highways is enormous. From home to the car and from the car to home, and then the other way round. Urban sociability and exchange? None. Communal learning? Nothing. Architectural beauty? Not only absent, but also denied by the horrendous shopping malls. Burns and Brown’s intelligent, humorous and terrifying documentary film circles around a family living in a suburb of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) and various specialists in town planning that criticize this way of life that, if the end of oil threat maintains proof of its truthfulness, has its days numbered.


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