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Film info: The Future Is Now!

Film Information

Original Title The Future Is Now!
English Title
Directors Gary Burns
Jim Brown
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 91 min
  • Paul Ahmarani, Liane Balaban.
  • Guión: Gary Burns, Jim Brown
  • Fotografía: Patrick McLaughlin
  • Montaje: Paul Mortimer
  • Producción: Shirley Vercruysse, George Baptist, Bonnie Thompson


The latest from Gary Burns and Jim Brown is an update of the French film Life Begins Tomorrow, directed by Nicole Védrès and featuring Jean-Pierre Aumont, Le Corbusier, André Gide, André S. Labarthe, Pablo Picasso and Jean-Paul Sartre. Like in that 1949 film, The Future Is Now! introduces us to a “man of the present” who either doesn’t trust or looks down on several aspects of today: arts, sciences, the organization of society. Both films place two actors in an interaction with the people that is interviewed: artists and real scientists. In Védrès film, a “man of the future” arranges a series of interviews for the “man of the present” with Le Corbusier, Picasso, Sartre, and others, in Paris. In Burns and Brown’s film there’s a “woman of the future” who sends the lead character (a man so acid he’s actually astringent) on a trip through several countries so he can understand better the world he lives in. A sort of nice and civilized Socratic film, The Future Is Now! tries to comprehend some inescapable areas of current Western society with decision and a lucid optimism.

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