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Film info: Mafrouza - Oh la nuit!

Film Information

Original Title Mafrouza - Oh la nuit!
English Title Mafrouza - Oh Night!
Director Emmanuelle Demoris
Year 2007
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 138 min
  • Stéphane Rousseau, Adel Abu Farrag Ragheb el-Bassoussi, Ghada Mahmoud Ali Omran.
  • Fotografía: Emmanuelle Demoris
  • Montaje: Emmanuelle Demoris, Claire Atherton, Céline Ducreux
  • Producción: Jean Gruault


The first episode of a 5-part film dedicated to the Mafrouza, a shantytown built inside the antique necropolis of Alexandria, shows the first entering in the neighborhood. An archaeological visit leads us to meet a few people, taking the time to be really close to them. Each encounter reveals a new novel, full of life and a crazy capacity for happiness that enables them to grin and bear the harshness of the materials conditions. This first discovery of the Mafrouza universe is an opportunity to undermine the clichés frequently stated upon this region of the world.

Date and Times

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