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Film info: La Femme qui pleure

Film Information

Original Title La Femme qui pleure
English Title The Crying Woman
Director Jacques Doillon
Year 1979
Format 35 mm
Duration 90 min
  • Dominique Laffin, Haydée Politoff, Jacques Doillon, Lola Doillon, Jean-Denis Robert
  • Guión: Jacques Doillon
  • Fotografía: Yves Lafaye
  • Montaje: Isabelle Rathery
  • Producción: Danièle Delorme, Yves Robert


In 1981, Cahiers du Cinéma was still reluctant about Doillon, and wandered “will Doillon remain the director of one good film”. This film was The Crying Woman, which was essential in Dominique Laffin’s career (she would die very young, a few years later), and a high-intensity passion drama that definitely placed Doillon, who also stars in it, as a key figure of the post-Nouvelle Vague. The Crying Woman narrates a family’s breakdown among failed attempts at reconciliations and emotional outbursts, which escalade to an almost criminal point in an isolated house in the Haute-Provence. Jacques returns there after a long time without seeing his wife Dominique and their daughter Lola. The woman knows he’s in love with someone else, so she suffers and reproaches him bitterly. But then little Lola suffers an accident, so Dominique decides she can’t raise her alone and tries out the impossible situation of living together with her husband and his lover. With this film, Doillon definitely establishes the family as one of his favorite issues –often crossed by anomalous sexual or social challenges.

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