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Film info: Notre Dame de La Croisette

Film Information

Original Title Notre Dame de La Croisette
English Title Our Lady of La Croisette
Director Daniel Schmid
Year 1981
Format 16 mm
Colour Color
Duration 56 min
  • Bulle Ogier, Kira Nijinski, Bob Rafelson, Jean-Claude Brialy
  • Director: Daniel Schmid
  • Gguíon: Daniel Schmid
  • Fotografía: Renato Berta
  • Montaje: Luc Yersin
  • Producción: Augusta Riva
  • Contacto de Producción: RTSI, SRG, PIC Film


Schmid turns his abundant eye on that Mecca of European film life, the Cannes International Film Festival. Bulle Ogier stars as a woman who goes to Cannes and, lost in its chaos and unable to obtain tickets, ends up watching it on television from her hotel room. But the spectacle-in-the-box brings her much more of the world than she bargained for, and she finds refuge in her dreams of Cannes as it was many years ago, when living myths walked the earth: Picasso, Henri Langlois, Maria Callas, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Arletty, and Jean Cocteau.

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