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Film info: Mafrouza - La Main du papillon

Film Information

Original Title Mafrouza - La Main du papillon
English Title Mafrouza - The Hand of the Butterfly
Director Emmanuelle Demoris
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 140 min
  • Adel Abu Farrag Ragheb el-Bassoussi, Ghada Mahmoud Ali Omran, Hassan Stohi.
  • Fotografía: Emmanuelle Demoris
  • Montaje: Emmanuelle Demoris, Céline Ducreux
  • Producción: Jean Gruault


This fourth film in the series follows two events that mark the early winter in Mafrouza: the birth of a boy and a young woman's engagement. Within their homes, we glance at the intimate and the holy, cries, whispers and rituals: individuals' destinies are taking shape. Amidst the familial agitation, each finds their own way to live. Through their actions, but also through what they say, the imaginary reflects on reality, make it livable, and speaks of life, death and gender roles.

Date and Times

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