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Film info: Le Livre de Marie

Film Information

Original Title Le Livre de Marie
English Title The Book of Mary
Director Anne-Marie Miéville
Year 1984
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 27 min
  • Aurore Clement, Bruno Cremer, Rebecca Hampton
  • Fotografía: Jean-Bernard Menoud, Caroline Champetier, Jacques Firmann


As a possible prelude, or even a prequel, for Hail Mary, Anne-Marie Miéville offers this brief story of family decomposition from the viewpoint of a girl named Maria. Godard’s collaborator and concubine Miéville works with a logic that’s not as character-estranged as the one of his partner, and it turns less to discursive battle than to traditional storytelling, echoing a sad beauty, especially when little Maria punches and tears apart the air by the rhythm of Mahler’s music and with her childish face frowned with impotence.

Date and Times

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