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Film info: La vida sublime

Film Information

Original Title La vida sublime
English Title The Life Sublime
Director Daniel V. Villamediana
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 90 min
  • Víctor J. Vázquez, Emiliana Minguela, Minke Wang, Pepe Grosso, Álvaro Arroba
  • Guión: Víctor J. Vázquez, Daniel V. Villamediana
  • Fotografía: Fabio Bobbio, Daniel Belza
  • Montaje: Daniel V. Villamediana, Fabio Bobbio
  • Producción: Israel Diego Aragón, Jorge Requejo


Villamediana’s second feature (The Blue Bull) is among of the most fascinating and ambitious proposals from recent Spanish cinema, which is one of the few that’s capable of establishing a conversation with certain trends from its past. Despite appearances, its connection with last decade’s Catalonian documentary cinema is practically non-existent; on the contrary, it’s a vindication of the fable-making power of imagination, even if it stands on a series of documentary-like conversations. We should look for its influences in Val del Omar and Víctor Erice’s The South, a film The Life Sublime wants to be the inheritor of, or rather, the continuation of its unmade sequel. The lead character (Víctor Vázquez, a cousin of the director) takes over the trip to Andalusia Estrella had aborted, and follows the steps of actor El Cuco, the filmmaker’s grandfather. And so, the film fulfils the dreams of all Castilians who are unable to travel south, and an old family legend is shaped.


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