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Film info: Final con foto

Film Information

Original Title Final con foto
English Title Final con foto
Director Alberto Yaccelini
Year 2003
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 56 min
  • Pablo di Gruccio
  • Guión: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Fotografía: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Montaje: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Producción: Anne-Marie Marsaguet-Chion


Yaccelini continues on his both ironic and slightly bitter examination of deep Argentina, which he had begun in Gombrowicz, la Argentina y yo. This exploration of the horse-racing world in lost towns in the Buenos Aires province –we should say dead towns– features no local coloring, but it bursts with precise and thorough psychological and sociological observations. An involuntary example of the Argentine crisis, the criollo horse-races the film depicts –featuring both fans and professionals (who are often the same person) torn by the uncertainty of a crumbling economy– are the indirect and subtle image of a nation’s collapse. But luckily the film offers no thesis; its merit comes from being a modest provincial portrait with credible and lovable characters, foals living a better life than the one of their caretakers or even their owners –

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