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Film info: En el balcón vacío

Film Information

Original Title En el balcón vacío
English Title
Director José Miguel García Ascott
Year 1961
Format 35 mm
Colour B&W
Duration 70 min
  • Nuri Pereña, María Luisa Elío, Conchita Genovés, Jaime Muñoz de Baena, Belina García
  • Guión: María Luisa Elío, José Miguel García Ascot, Emilio García Riera
  • Fotografía: José María Torre
  • Montaje: Jorge Espejel


The ultimate Spanish exile film, En el balcón vacío is a project that was born out of the autobiographical notes of María Luisa Elío, wife of filmmaker García Ascot, with script collaboration from critic and historian Emilio García Riera, all of them former children of exiled Republicans. Shot through forty Sundays during 1961 and 1962, using non-professional actors (most of them were also sons of exiled parents) and in almost amateur conditions (with a 16mm camera that allows takes of 35 seconds max), the film would become a cult title of the New Mexican Cinema as well as a film manifesto for the Nuevo Cine group. García Riera even mentions Proust and Rilke as the literary inspirations for this film which develops in two different timelines (Pamplona, Mexico) and which, according to José Luis Castro de Paz, speaks about exile “as a trigger for unconscious relations, an association mechanism to film memories, to search for a past –childhood– that’s both heavenly and essentially impossible to find again”.


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