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Film info: Los de Saladillo

Film Information

Original Title Los de Saladillo
English Title Los de Saladillo
Director Alberto Yaccelini
Year 2005
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 90 min
  • Julio Midú, Fabio Junco, Norberto Gorosito
  • Guión: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Fotografía: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Montaje: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Producción: Anne-Marie Marsaguet-Chion


When this film competed in Bafici back in 2005, the city of Saladillo was just as shaken by the economic crisis as any other city in Argentina. A more focused observation revealed, however, that Saladillo had an intense town life and that its more curious manifestation was the feverish activity by two young filmmakers: Julio Midú and Fabio Junco. Through their films, Yaccelini also presents the town locals: a housewife who usually plays mother roles, a teacher offering her house as a set, a young peasant offering himself as a “country heartthrob” whenever one should be needed. With his usual inquisitive rigor, Yaccelini gets inside the community, capturing the phenomenon and asking about its causes. The first thing he finds out is that many neighbors think regard their collaboration with Midú and Junco as a sort of occupational therapy. Also –in a more subtle but concrete way– that for the Saladillo people, creating their own cinema is an effective form of reaffirming their community’s identity against the abandonment of the State.

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