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Film info: El fabricante de cepillos

Film Information

Original Title El fabricante de cepillos
English Title El fabricante de cepillos
Director Alberto Yaccelini
Year 2011
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 82 min
  • Guión: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Fotografía: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Montaje: Alberto Yaccelini
  • Producción: Alberto Yaccelini


How does one know where to find a story? How does one find out a nice old man can be a person with a dubious past and not-so-limpid features? The character Yaccelini finds is named Dupont, and he’s a Belgian man whose Nazi sympathies appear to be the focus of El fabricante de cepillos. However, Yaccelini is more into wondering why and how should one make a documentary about a character whose ambiguity forces a filmmaker to take a stand regarding ethics, and not so much into trying to find truth or unveil his hidden, ominous face. The town where this film takes place is more like a place to be explored, not so much as a detective or a hunter but as someone who feels part of that place. That approach, however, is not an innocent one, and that is what Yaccelini addresses through a splendid and precise work on the film’s voice over, which floats between incredulity, self-reference, and its connection with both History and particular stories. A game of closeness vs. distance that finds both what’s visible and what’s hidden, and not the double but the triple face of every story, insofar the filmmaker’s own one –the story behind his voice– might end up sculpting the very shape of his film.

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