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Film info: Peace

Film Information

Original Title Peace
English Title Peace
Director Kazuhiro Soda
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 75 min
  • Fotografía: Kazuhiro Soda
  • Montaje: Kazuhiro Soda
  • Producción: Kazuhiro Soda


Named after the brand of Japanese cigarettes smoked by the 91-year-old Hashimoto Shiro, Peace offers a wonderfully resonant vignette of the lives of a few residents of a small town in Okayama Prefecture. The film’s attention centres on Kashiwagi Toshio and his wife Hiroko, both retired and both with self-made jobs caring for the disabled and elderly. He runs an affordable taxi service for those in need, she runs a charity supplying home-help to those incapable of looking after themselves. Hashimoto is one of her “clients,” a former soldier in diminishing health whose memories are returning to the war years that blighted his life. Kashiwagi meanwhile busies himself feeding a tribe of stray cats, noticing the disruptive presence of a male newcomer… Soda finds worlds in this grain of sand, drawing understated conclusions about co-existence and peace from his discreet observations of these lives, human and animal. No one else in Japan is making this kind of documentary, or engaging this warmly with “ordinary” people.

Date and Times

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