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Film info: Voulez-vous coucher avec God?

Film Information

Original Title Voulez-vous coucher avec God?
English Title Voulez-vous coucher avec God?
Directors Michael Hirsh
Jack Christie
Year 1972
Format HD
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 69 min
  • Tuli Kupferberg
  • Guión: Michael Hirsh, Jack Christie


In the first and only film by Michael Hirsh and Jack Christie coexist an unusual amount of genially outrageous ideas, which are visible in the form of even more uncontrollable images, capable of making any other project that regards itself as “serious” explode. The edges of the plot are rational, considering: a drug-addicted, violence-advocate god sends one of the people from his “heaven” down to Earth so he’ll win the presidential elections and manage the course of the world from above. Of course, being that this is an experimental film shot in the middle of the counter-culture escalade during the late 1960s (drugs + free sex + demonstrations + rock + more drugs), everything that lives within those limits is a cinematographic scandal with the drive and volume of those parties that –given its impossible intensity– seem destined to never happen again. It’s no surprise that neither Hirsh nor Christie directed a film ever again.

Date and Times

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