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Film info: The Old Donkey

Film Information

Original Title The Old Donkey
English Title The Old Donkey
Director Li Ruijun
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 112 min
  • Ma Xinchun, Ma Lianhua, Zhang Min.
  • Guión: Li Ruijun
  • Fotografía: Yang Jin
  • Montaje: Zhang Jun, Li Ruijun
  • Producción: Zeng Wenwen, Zhang Xianmin, Cui Zi'en


With so many anecdotes about the good period China is currently enjoying thanks to its opening towards capitalism, young director Li Ruijun responds with a sharp and critical view of the current state of things. In the filmmaker’s eye, the transition from a deeply-rooted and decadent communism (which here is represented by omnipotent town leaders) to a free-market economy is far from being a merry experience. It’s winter, and the cold strikes in the Dansu province in northern China. The building of a chemical factory in the area forces peasants from the Gaotai community to leave their land, pushed by a local businessman who has the collaboration of Communist Party leaders. However, Ma –who people call “old donkey”– refuses to leave his land, which is precisely located in a crucial area for the business venture. In a battle that seems lost, Ma tries to keep the land where his ancestors rest, but he doesn’t seem able to find any allies to fight with him for that landscape and everything that it represents.

Date and Times

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