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Film info: Wara Wara

Film Information

Original Title Wara Wara
English Title Wara Wara
Director José María Velasco Maidana
Year 1930
Colour B&W
Duration 60 min
  • Juanita Tallansier, Arturo Borda, Dámaso Eduardo Delgado, Eduardo Camacho, Emmo Reyes
  • Guión: José María Velasco Maidana
  • Fotografía: José María Velasco Maidana
  • Montaje: José María Velasco Maidana
  • Producción: José María Velasco Maidana


In every country’s film history there’s at least one lost film, almost always famous because the story of its disappearance is preceded by another one of commercial success and aesthetic revolution. But sometimes (very few times) some of these films reappear after a long time, like Wara Wara did. Released in 1930 and rediscovered in 1989 (and re-released two years ago after twenty years in restoration) the film directed by pioneer Bolivian director José María Velasco Maidana is the only silent film that survived in all of its country’s film history. The story, inspired by the historic romance novel La voz de la quena by Antonio Díaz Villamil, follows Incan princess Wara Wara as she escapes to the mountains after a group of Spanish conquistadores wipes out her town. The fact that she falls in love with Tristán de la Vega in the way, the only conquistador who seems to have both heart and respect for the locals, is not as surprising or revolutionary as the ending Velasco Maidana chose to shoot by the shore of the Titicaca Lake.

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