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Film info: El Bulli - Cooking in Progress

Film Information

Original Title El Bulli - Cooking in Progress
English Title
Director Gereon Wetzel
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 108 min
  • Director: Gereon Wetzel
  • Fotografía: Josef Mayerhofer
  • Montaje: Anja Pohl
  • Producción: Ingo Fliess
  • Contacto de Producción: If... Productions


Fascinating. No matter how worn out it is, sometimes there’s no choice but to use that word. Yes, this documentary about El Bulli is fascinating. Just in case some of you are not familiar with it, Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli specializes in molecular gastronomy, and is considered to be the finest restaurant in the world. Cooking in Progress shows how El Bulli works: first, we witness the months during which the restaurant remains closed, the months spent designing the new menu, researching, experimenting, testing, and taking pictures. Then, we get into the restaurant while is working to see how they put in practice everything they have designed. We see discussions, hardships, Adrià directing and tasting, in a kitchen that’s like a choreographed dance of culinary perfection. El Bulli’s kitchen is also a mix of science, passion, and poetry. With a graceful rhythm, Gereon Wetzel’s film goes ranges from a close portrait of high professionalism, to the ultra-sophisticated way in which the featured dishes seem as if they were from another world. A documentary filled with ideas for a gastronomy bursting with creativity.

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