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Film info: Memory Lane

Film Information

Original Title Memory Lane
English Title
Director Mikhaël Hers
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 98 min
  • Thibault Vinçon, Dounia Sichov, Lolita Chammah, Stéphanie Déhel, Thomas Blanchard
  • G: Mikhaël Hers, Mariette Désert
  • F: Sébastien Buchmann
  • E: Pauline Gaillard
  • P: Florence Auffret


A summer spent talking, walking, seeing friends, falling in love, fixing problems, rehearsing with the band. And then, there’s the memory of that summer. That’s what Memory Lane shows, and the special thing about the film –the charming thing about it– is the atmosphere, that summer air in Paris with long days and the feeling of time apparently stopped, but actually rapidly moving forward. The origin of a certain melancholy lies in the act of realizing all that, and Memory Lane knows how to capture it with grace and luminosity, without stressing the lower chords, moving from one situation to another, from one character to the next, from one conversation to the other. Lots of things happen in Memory Lane, but always with that appearance of quietness Eric Rohmer used to handle so perfectly. The presence of Marie Rivière, the heroine of The Green Ray, seems to point towards that influence, to which we can add Richard Linkater’s Before Sunset.

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