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Film info: Autorretrato sonoro

Film Information

Original Title Autorretrato sonoro
English Title Sound self portrait
Director Manongo Mujica
Year 2010
Format Blu-ray
Colour Color
Duration 45 min
  • Guión: Manongo Mujica
  • Dirección de Cámara: Diego Hermosilla
  • Edición de Fotografía: Gabriel Mujica
  • Montaje: Judith Burrows
  • Producción: Frank Cebreros


A radical trip to find rhythmic synchronicities between the Peruvian landscape and a free musical form, Lima born filmmaker Manongo Mujica directs this film in which he also plays percussion to try and walk us through a conceptual road guided by a quote from Jorge Luis Borges, in which he states that a self portrait can be made from an accumulation of foreign elements. With his drums placed on the shore, where the water blurs with the land, Mujica plays along some sort of fiddler-playing monks, all framed by an omnipresent and lively geography that ends up intertwined with the music and draws a true landscape of sound. Mujica is also a plastic artist and has been writing music for shorts and several films since the Seventies. In this case, the musician turns into a video artist and uses the audiovisual form to reshape sensorial experience.

Date and Times

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