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Film info: El fantástico mundo del cropogo

Film Information

Original Title El fantástico mundo del cropogo
English Title The Fantastic World of Cropogo
Director Wenceslao Bonelli
Year 2011
Colour Color
Duration 63 min
  • Santiago A. Machado, Carlos E. Gambetta
  • Director: Wenceslao Bonelli
  • Guión: Wenceslao Bonelli
  • Fotografía: Federico Bal
  • Montaje: Mercedes Rojas, Andrés Quaranta
  • Producción: Daniela Martínez
  • Contacto de Producción: Universidad del Cine, Macanuda Producciones, Urbana Cine, Calma Cine, Bomboni Cine


Cropogo: “cro” from croquet, “po” from polo, “go” from golf. This mix is a sport that has been played for some eight decades now in Sierra de la Ventana (South of the Buenos Aires province). The film gets us into that world –with its many surreal features and sport absurdities– through interviews, visits to “the court”, and archive footage. And we’ll see the world of cropogo is much more than the sport itself: it’s the passion of its players, the dispute over how to rewrite the story of its glories, records, and winnings; in the end, it’s that sort of clashing brotherhood that results from living totally absorbed by a sport. Bonelli’s work is a film about characters, some muddled, some crazy (there’s even an indescribable song there), some obliquely ironic, some full-frontal polemicists. They all build the narrative thread of El fantástico mundo del cropogo, which through this singular sport shows some incredible features of a world that is as close to us as it is unexplored.

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