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Film info: Snap

Film Information

Original Title Snap
English Title Snap
Director Carmel Winters
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 86 min
  • Stephen Moran, Aisling O'Sullivan, Eileen Walsh, Mick Lally
  • Guión: Carmel Winters
  • Fotografía: Kate McCullough
  • Montaje: Mary Finlay
  • Producción: Martina Niland


Snap features a particular version of the mother and son relationship. In his debut film, the very cinematic Carmel Winters examines –rather than tells– the story through a fascinating composition of layers, every one of which has a different approach: the rapture of fiction, the elusiveness of memories, the crudest documentary realism. The latter is the point from where this onion-film starts to peel off: Sandra coarsely tells a small film crew about the involuntary part she took in a mysterious crime. She talks, or rather grunts, in several directions: she questions the crew members, asks questions to the camera, and answers ferociously. Meanwhile, in the candid luminosity of “fiction”, the freckled teenage son Stephen spends his time next to a baby he appears to be babysitting in a big house on a pleasant neighbourhood. They watch TV, eat candy that form a smiley face on a plate... A sweet impression that will slowly get contaminated by a growingly bitter tone, until it reaches the most astray darkness: a transversal cut of every layer.

Date and Times

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