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Film info: El destello

Film Information

Original Title El destello
English Title The Flicker
Director Gabriel Szollosy
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Guión: Gabriel Szollosy
  • Fotografía: Nyika Jancsó
  • Montaje: Fernando Epstein
  • Producción: Anna Jancsó


El destello tells the life story of Horacio Pereira, an Uruguayan soldier of African origins with financial and health problems, who also works as a lighthouse keeper (in the very photogenic one of Lobos Island) and plans to set up a sewing machines repair shop so he can provide a better future for him and his family. And so, he decides to travel as a UN blue helmet to Congo to earn some money (a trip to Africa that’s captivating for both its powerful images and his reencounter with his roots). Pereira’s history combines hardship and pain with admirable determination, and closes in the character in a way one might call oblique: it’s right there in the character’s life, with a strong intimacy, but it’s not condescending or excessive, and knows how to take some distance from him without leaving aside modesty or respect. Pereira contains lots of possible stories, and Szollosy, an Uruguayan with Hungarian origins, takes the right distance to unfold them so we can discover a truly unique life.

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